the one with the kitten mug and sunning cat

the kitten mug 

Seriously, how awesome is this vintage kitten mug?!
It's one of my happiest recent thrift finds and best .25 cents I've spent in a while.
Three pretty bandanna-clad kittens are on one side, and a single kitten on the other.
No matter what, there's a sweet kitten looking at you when you sip your tea or coffee.

When I was drinking my latte out of it the other morning, my cat Strongpaw got curious.
Well, it was the sun she was most curious about - it was hitting my couch so perfectly.
So, Strongpaw hopped up next to my mug and curled up in the sunshine.
I don't have a photo of it, but she also started to lap up the foamy milk in the mug, too!
Little brat.

wink snug folded kitten mug + a kitty shadow
she looks so regal in the above shot. also, a little mean (which she can be!)

How's that for a little kitty-in-the-sunshine overkill?
(there is no such thing as too many sunning cat photos)

brought to you by sunshine & kitten mugs,


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