Saturday is for... the Market!

the squash gourds at the Market! musicians at the Market puppies at the Market! the owl at the Market musicians at the Market the bounty at the Market!
look at the bounty I'm bringing home!

Spent some time at the Saturday Farmer's Market today!
I always start my visit with a stop at Kyoto Coffee.
This visit was specific for all kinds of fruits & veggies,
from wax beans to strawberries to peaches to red potatoes to corn on the cob...
the list goes on!
Today there were even puppies on hand for us to cuddle.
It was a particularly grey day, but that didn't dampen the spirit of the Market!
It was a busy hub of action.
Lots of musicians and dancers to entertain the masses,
and food galore from perogies to croissants to samosas to hot dogs to waffles!
ah yum.
I do so enjoy a trip to the Market.
Specially when I get to bring home croissants & pretty gourds!
with joy,


  1. Sigh, totally bummed I didn't make it out this morning. Poop!

  2. ooooh, you scored the mother load! Is corn still good...? I feel like I didn't inhale my quoata of corn for this summer! More importantly do ye, or do ye not want to date Lucky and I on THIS monday lunch at noon... or another monday?! ;o)
    needle and nest

  3. Fun fun fun! The colors of the first picture are incredible!!! it makes me happy, hungry and willing to paint ;)

  4. i did a grocery store run this morning and the experience was nothing as inspiring as yours! jealous.



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