Sunday Smile: kitty belly

kitty eyes

Strongpaw's favourite position is on her back, with her belly up and paws curled in. 
I call her my sausage cat when she does this. 
She tempts me with that fuzzy peachy belly,
only to go into attack-the-hand mode when I give in to the urge.
Sometimes, though, she's so content that she lets me get some kitty belly love.
That's when life is good.

kitty belly kitty belly = touch me!

Truly, kitty bellies are enough to make a gal smile any day of the week!
with joy,


  1. Ahhhh yes the kitty Belly, defiantly puts a smile on my face.

  2. After such post is very difficult to decide if I like Grace or Strongpaw more... :)) Love the second photo a lot!!

  3. Awww, I love kitty bellies! Maisie loves a good belly rub, when she's in the right mood, of course.

  4. Kitty tummies ARE irresistible! I just got fingerprints on my monitor where I tried to tickle :)


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