Sunday Smile: pigtails & butterflies

lil pigtail! 

It's a little thing, but the fact I can pull my hair into little pigtails makes me squeal like a lil piggy!
(perhaps not quite the right visual, but you get the idea)
It's been slow-going, this growing-out-hair process. I usually get totally irked by the in-between stage by now & chop it all off again - but this time, I've held off grabbing a pair of scissors and going to town. I'm proud of myself!
I hope I can retain my patience for another few months, as I really do want to have longer hair by the time I turn 40 (which is in just 4 and a half months... woah!). For some reason, I envision myself with the longer locks of my younger years for my next decade. Perhaps it's some "vain" attempt at keeping young? Ha. If you knew me, you'd know there's no reason for me to panic ... I'm one of those Peter Pan types. Never going to get old! Nope! I've got fairy dust keeping my feet from touching the ground. ;)

I do, though, wish I could float on the air like a butterfly. I love this time of year, when the Monarch butterflies find my butterfly bushes in full bloom and stop to have a drink before their long trip down south. Everyday, I go out into my backyard and wait for them to visit. I never tire of watching them gracefully dance upon the air.

the wing span of a Monarch handsome Monarch Monarch bokeh
love how this shot turned into a Bokeh butterfly!

How's that for combing the subject matter of pigtails and butterflies?
Totally smile-worthy subject matter, oui? :)
with joy,


  1. Awwww, your hair is so cute! I'll be honest, I was the exact. same. way. Earlier this year, I had my wife cut my hair in February. I wanted my shortest cut yet - short in back, longer in front, so I had a slanted type style. My hair was about ear-length.

    I loved the look, really truly, but missed all the fun stuff I used to be able to do with my hair such as pigtails, ponytails and one of my personal favorites: a bun!

    When I could first make my short hair into little pigtails, I was SO excited and took pictures in our backyard, ahahaha!

    And ooo, butterflies. <3 They are gorgeous. I love when I see one floating in our backyard, though we often get more dragonflies which are also beautiful and have fantastic lore!

    Phew, long comment is long. Sorry!

  2. Pretty pictures! My favorite butterflies have always been orange monarchs :)

  3. so obsessed with that last photo!

    love, little.

  4. Beautiful butterflies!

    I've been growing my hair out for years now, so I understand you impatience and your excitement at making little cute piggy tails!

    ps. I love your current blog header, so great :)

  5. you're going to be 40? no way....i don't believe you....



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