Sunday Smile: a sunny September walk

a sunny walk : the sky 

What a gorgeous blue blue sky we were blessed with yesterday!
Impossible to deny a sunny September walk with my pup Grace.

a sunny walk a sunny walk : smiling Grace a sunny walk : she had to wear shades a sunny walk : Grace's nose a sunny walk : brooch
{close up of my brooch : it's very old, needlework done by my grandma}

I'll keep today's Sunday Smile short & sweet.
I'm having a lazy hazy kinda day today,
full of couch potato goodness, lattes, kitty snuggles & movies.
But the gleam of yesterday's sunny skies is keeping me warm
whilst I keep cozy in my little apartment today. :)
with joy,


  1. 01. LOVE the brooch.
    02. You're looking FABULOUS, lady!
    03. Cutest bolero ever.

  2. Beautiful photos.

    I LOVE the brooch, how amazing that it was made by your grandma - so special!

  3. Looks like a beautiful day, great photos!

  4. My gosh that blue sky looks STUNNING! What a beautiful day (your little cardi looks beautiful too!).

    I'm curious - every time I visit your blog you have a different beautiful header - are you just changing it around manually all the time? Or do you have some super secret html trick going on? I've loved all of the headers I've seen :)


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