road trip - looking out the window 
{above: what Gracie will be doing during the road trip}

I'm taking my dog & my cat (and my mom!) away on a cottage trip!
We leave in a few hours, but before I go I wanted to say au voir (for a little while).
For a couple of years now, friends have lent us their cottage to use for a few days.
It's the kind of respite my spirit needs, to refuel and reconnect (with myself).

the forest.
{above: the trees & trails of Burnham Woods}

a walk in the woods.
{above: photo (by Michele) of me walking in the woods of my dear friends home}

I'm bringing a bevy of books with me to get lost in,
as well as bags filled with art supplies to get reacquainted with.
I'm leaving technology (i.e. my laptop) behind, replacing it with pen & paper.
Freshly baked bread & dreams of cake-baking await me!
The weather won't be the prettiest (rain in the forecast everyday!),
but there's a fireplace to light & Scrabble to play.

My only hope is my cat Strongpaw the cat does okay on the long trip;
we decided to bring her so the whole "family" can be together.
Strongpaw will hopefully love us for not leaving her behind ... (a girl can dream, right?).

I haven't set up any guest bloggers or time-released posts during my getaway (sorry!),
so Tea & Chickadees will be a little barren until Sunday.
I'll be back with renewed vigor & creativity to share!
(and hopefully lots of pretty pictures, too)

I'll leave you with an Etsy treasury I just made,
an ode to Autumn:

oh, and don't forget I'm giving away a Polaroid + a pack of Impossible Project film over at Miss Teacups!
with joy,


  1. Can't help it, but I do love a lot the "Gracies' Diary" , she is such a personality! :))

  2. Enjoy your time away. It sounds like a dreamy place you're heading to. :)


  3. enjoy your time away caren...sometimes it's all one needs to feel refreshed and refuelled so enjoy :)

  4. Wishing you a good time. omg Gracie is sooo cute :)


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