...be patient please...

hello my dear chickadees!
If you've recently popped by & noticed something weird, don't be alarmed - I'm in a crazy redo-my-blog kinda mood and to kick-start things, I've removed a lot of design elements. I'm going back to basics, and more changes are to come forthwith.
I've already been filling pages in my art journal with sketches & ideas, and will be working on it over the weekend. Still not exactly sure what the end result will be, but I can tell you it will be quite different than it was! (um, vague much?)
So, don't mind the sparse looks of things right now - won't be long before something a bit more, uh, designy comes your way!
with joy,


  1. ooooh, exciting... I'll hold my breathe! :o) I too, get the itch to makeover my blog.. then I get the fear that I'll wreck it with my lack of techy-no-how... and be up the creek! But I'll at least redo my header soon... ;o) happy thanksgiving sweets!!

  2. looking forward to seeing which direction the changes take you. design change is so fun... and addicting. =)



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