Cottage: keeping warm by the fire

a warm and cozy cottage
featuring a dog and a cat
and a cribbage board...

Polaroid: dog + cat + fire
{above: Polaroid of Grace and Strongpaw cozying by the fire at Gooseneck}
cat + dog + fire 
{above: same scene, different camera - this time using film}
the dog & cat loved the fire. 
{above: digital shot of the most-photographed moment at the cottage}
-trust me, there is no rarer sight than to see these two critters side by side-
Polaroid: wood burning stove 
{above: Polaroid of the fire that I built. I was mighty proud of my fire-making skills}
a content dog 
{above: Gracie lounging on my mom during reading time}
cribbage, lattes & a fire.
{above: cribbage anyone? I lost this game, but I made seriously good lattes & a fabulous fire}

I decided to (finally) share some shots I took at my cottage getaway!
Sorry it took so long; I'm having a hard time getting back into the internet world.
I was just cuddled on my couch, by my fake fireplace (it's a little electric one), and I got inspired to do a post dedicated to the warmth of the wood burning stove I kept fed during my week-long vacation into cottage-land. This cottage is named Gooseneck. It's a place my mom & I have gone to every year for 3 years now. It's our mom-and-daughter getaway - plus dog! And this time, for the first time, plus cat. meow.
I love my little apartment-sized electric fireplace, but nothing replaces a good old fashioned wood burning one. Since it was pretty chilly and drizzly the majority of the stay, I got to flex my mad fire-building skills at the cottage. I'm not complaining; the weather was perfect for snuggling up with a good book!
The cat immediately took over any area that was comfortable and was close to the fire. She has never experienced a real fire before, and it was obvious she felt it was time that oversight was fixed. Strongpaw was practically rapturous with the warmth it emitted!

the cat loved the fire
{above: proof of Strongpaw's heat-seeking happiness - film photo}

This post was brought to you by fire.
with joy,


  1. I love this post with the warmth and relaxed atmosphere.

  2. That looks like pure BLISS. x

  3. this weekend sounds like pure heaven. time with a loved one, furry friends and warmth for the toes and the soul. cribbage is just the cherry on top!



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