Good morning, October!

leaf in hand Japanese fire grass autumn honey bee metal ladybug the marigold pretty toad lilies

This is what autumn looks like in my garden.
It's a mix of decay and life.
There is an abundance of richly robust colours;
brilliant purples, golden mustard, rusty reds, earthy browns.
I step outside and breathe in deep:
the air is heady with change.

Thoughts of pumpkin pies and russet skies
Dance beneath my clear blue eyes.

I can't help but get a little poetic
when trees are brushed with warming hues
and the rustling of leaves crunch beneath my feet.
Good morning, October!

September is gone, it's always too quick to pass! Yet October is full of possibilities and change and happenstance, so I happily welcome this colourful month into this fresh new day.
with autumnal joy,


  1. lovely.. such beauty in the details! A warm, fall hug to you my friends! ;o)
    needle and nest design

  2. cutest post title ever!


  3. Oh, I just love these colours. And stunning photographs of course.x


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