a little Holga love

she holds her Holga close 
{photo of me by Michele}

I use my little yellow Holga quite often. It's become my favourite film camera, what with its vignettes and ability to do double exposures ... and let's be honest, it's just so darn cute! I haven't shared the shots I took this past summer with you, so thought I'd reminisce a bit.

The first few were taken during sunny outings to the Farmer's Market; both the Wednesday and the Saturday (we are a market town!):

Batman sneaker + Grace's paw
That's Grace's paw next to Batman's sneaker.
Gracie meets little girl
Little girl really wanted to pet Grace!
the Market's kawaii cuteness
Awesomely cute knitted hats & lots of kawaii goodness at this stall. :)
the Market's fidler
the fiddler of the Market.
the Market's pretty posies
pretty pretty posies at the Saturday Market.
my kitty sunbathing
Strongpaw the cat, suntanning. :)
old car meets new girl
double exposure: Astrid & a cool vintage car
she painted her finger nails
accidental double exposure of Astrid & .. I have no idea!
she cast a shadow over the cityscape
I love how this shot turned out. Astrid's outline can be seen to the left, overlooking downtown.

And it's not just me who loves the Holga!
Check it out:

Grace and the Holga
Grace looking statuesque next to the Holga.
the Cat & the Holga
Kahlo cat lookiing through the lens!

I hope you've enjoyed this trip down lomography land! I'm just testing a newly thrifted 1980s Ricoh AF2 film camera and am hopeful the snaps turn out swimmingly - I'll share them when I'm finished the roll! :)
with joy,


  1. I love the double exposed photos! They look so neat!
    Xo Chloe.

  2. Oh my god Kahlo trying to take photos!! ahahahha!!! Way too cute :)


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