Musings, Milkweed and Doxies...

overlooking the water, bridge, sumac 

It was the Canadian Thanksgiving this past long weekend,
which means lots of food and family time!
Although, for me, I just spent it with my mom & the cat & the dog.
I wasn't able to join in on the family festivities due to a continuing illness (insert violins here).
However, I did eat pumpkin pie! So, I can't complain.
I felt perky enough to take Grace for a wee walk on another spectacular October day;
the weather has been so warm & welcoming this past week!

I love it when the milkweed breaks open to let its fluffy seedpods catch the wind,
so I found myself playing with the fluffy stuff
all the while looking up into the blue blue sky.

milkweed in hand. milkweed in hand - blowing in the wind fire in the sky 

Gracie (almost) has a new friend, and her name is Shannon.
Shannon is a long-haired Dachshund! She makes me swoon.
She and Gracie seem to get along quite wonderfully, so I had high hopes of puppy playdates.
However, something happened between the two that left Grace with overly aggressive behaviour.
The fun stopped, and we were all quite shocked by the outburst.
I just don't get dog behaviour; they were happy & friendly and then BAM! snarl.snap.grrr.
I felt like the worst puppy mama; I hope Shannon & her owner forgive the transgression.
I so adore the long-haired doxies ...

Shannon the Doxie
Shannon the doxie! only 10 months old; so sweet!

I continue to work on my redesign for Tea & Chickadees! I'm doodling away, slowly creating the new space. I think I'll get it all done by the end of the week, so I do hope the sparse furnishings around these parts won't keep you at bay!
with joy,


  1. OH MY! Shannon is breaking my heart! I have an uncontrollable urge to go out and buy another doxie!

    And I totally get what you're saying about dog behaviour - they are inscrutable creatures some times! Also, I think doxies are a particularly annoying breed for other dogs to deal with - they are little dogs who think they are it and a bit and they quite like to tell other dogs all about it. I know my long hair often brings out bad behaviour in other pups, so don't fret!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Shannon sure is a beauty! I'm sure the snapping was nothing, just them working out who's the boss. (Grace, obciously.)

  3. obviously* I know you'd work it out, but I hate typos! Ugh!

  4. Sorry you have been sick- Hope you are feeling much better soon :)

  5. Beautiful milkweed seed photos. I wish a seed had flown to Toronto and settled itself in my garden because I love milkweed plants so much. They're so pretty.

    Loulou Downtown


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