Nature In Hand.

Monarch butterfly in hand. soft butterfly in hand little mushroom little moth little moth

I love to hold nature in the palm of my hand.
From Monarch butterflies to wild mushrooms to little intricate moths & everything in between!
The Monarch pictured above was found on the side of the road; I brought it home.
The mushroom was uprooted and laying dislodged on the ground, so I brought it home.
The wee moth was trying to get inside my home, so I brought him back outside.

I only wish I had little frogs and toads in my backyard! 
I'd love to pick them up & give them little high fives for being so fabulous.
I did see a chipmunk scrounging for food a few days ago, which gave me such happiness!
I miss having ample amounts of chipmunks running amok in my gardens.
Ah, nature. You're wonderful when you're small enough to fit in the palm of my hand.

with joy,


  1. wow! beauties... I was wondering how you got that monarch to stay perched... but that's a great 'take home'! Love your eye to see beauty in the details. :o)
    xo Mel
    needle and nest

  2. wow!! those photos are yours?? so neat!!!

  3. lovely + delicate + sweet!

    that butterfly is breathtaking.



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