Saturday is for... Horses!

having a chat with the horses 
{above: Holga 135, expired Blacks 200iso film}

Autumn equals horse visits for me.
I've blogged a few times about my love of horses, and how I love them from afar
(meaning, I don't actually ride them - I just chat & pet their noses).
I thought I'd share a couple of my recent visits with roadside horses:

road trip - horse (nose) road trip - horses horse land
{above: Holga 135, expired Blacks 200 iso film}
the sweet horses

I usually always bring a film camera with me when I go for little day trips.
More often than not, that camera is my happy yellow Holga 135.
I also always bring my digital Olympus PEN.
Basically, I'm the girl who carries multiple cameras in my purse, around my neck and on my shoulder.
I constantly look like a tourist, even in my own town!

It's always a joy to find horses by the side of the road, where I can have a chat.
Of course, I never wear the proper shoes and so look a little ridiculous tiptoeing through rough terrain to finally reach them. I swear, the horses roll their eyes at me as I head towards them.
Horses have senses of humour, right?
I think they tend towards sarcasm.
"Oh, Gertrude, look at those *lovely* red open-toed shoes she's wearing. How *appropriate* for farm life!"
Yes, I think a horse should have the name Gertrude. Also, pretend she has a British accent.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend, chickadees!
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with joy,


  1. I am still learning about you ;) And your LOVES, Gertrude! They made me laugh, the horses :))

  2. Wow this is the best best ever. Horses are my favourite creatures ever <3

  3. Great shots! I always have a camera with me too:)

  4. Total British accent, and a really high wavery voice too.


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