Sunday Smile: Gretchen, Kitten & Sheep

Gretchen, sheep & a cat
{above: photo taken with my trusty Holga, expired film, on a drizzly day}

This is a short & sweet Sunday Smile.
This is Gretchen. She is my next door neighbour's little girl.
I get to see Gretchen grow up, which makes me smile!
Kitten is their cat. Yes, her name is Kitten. She likes her belly rubbed.
Kitten also follows Gretchen & her mom around like a puppydog.
Gretchen is wearing a very cozy wool sweater that is adorned with sheep.
I found this sweater at a yard sale & knew it had to be hers.
It's very hard not to smile with a Gretchen living next door to you!
(she's wearing a paper turkey headdress, and carrying a bag of popcorn = cutes!)


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