Tiny & Grace: puppy playdate!

Grace & Tiny frolic 

Grace met a new friend, in a little package named Tiny: the Chihuahua.
It was instant, their connection - they ran & ran & ran!
It was nigh impossible to get a good photo of them, since they hardly ever stopped to take a breath.

Grace sees Tiny from afar 
above: Grace at attention upon seeing Tiny in the distance.
Grace & Tiny - puppy bum 
above: Tiny butt!

Grace & Tiny - blurred 
above: what most of the photos looked like.

Tiny the chihuahua 
above: Tiny tongue!

Grace & Tiny - puppy love
above: a rare moment of stillness, just before crazy puppyness ensued.

It's always such a blast when Grace meets a dog that can keep up with her crazy ways.
They didn't want to part ways; Tiny wanted Grace to go home with him (such a lady's man!).
They even kissed at the end of their "first date".... and I just got too cute, didn't I?

I definitely saw the Chihuahua in Gracie during this puppy playdate.
Everyone always says they see the Chihuahua in her, but I mostly see the Doxie/Pug.
But, yeah, it's pretty obvious seeing Tiny & Grace together that she's got lots of lil ChiChi in her!

Crazy dog lady,


  1. Aww! They look like they had so much fun together!

  2. What's better than one chichi? TWO! I love this and wish my little Leroy could join in on the fun. :)


  3. Aww, soooo sweet!! I definitely see the chihuahua in Gracie, it's all in the forehead!

  4. I love the very first photo of Grace & Tiny. It shows their energy and personalities! :)


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