Warkworth : Camp Ho-Ba-Chee

I took a trip to Warkworth, Ontario with my mom on Thanksgiving weekend. It was a beautiful day, perfect for a mini day trip! Our destination was Camp Ho-Ba-Chee, a delightful shoppe filled with vintage goods & handmade accessories (and handmade dog sweaters, too!). Friends of mine opened the shop just a little bit ago, a dream come true for them! I am so thrilled for them, and for the rest of us who get to partake in the wonder that is Camp Ho-Ba-Chee! Seriously awesome shoppe for vintage loving girls like me!
I brought Grace along, as she does love a good road trip and the owners of the shoppe are extremely dog-friendly (they do make lovely sweaters for dogs, afterall!). Grace does not, however, like to shop. She would rather eat treats and be on the move.
Here are a few snapshots from my time at this lovely stop in Warkworth:

Camp Ho-Ba-Chee - retro kitchen 
{retrolicious kitchen table & kitchenware! yum!}

Camp Ho-Ba-Chee - globes
{maps & globes & a globe light!} 

Camp Ho-Ba-Chee - paint by numbers 
{so much paint by numbers!}

Camp Ho-Ba-Chee - pretty things 
{blurry capture of a gorgeous teak hutch filled with retro goodness}

Camp Ho-Ba-Chee - Grace & friend 
{Gracie is hanging out with the shop dog out the front, having a drink}

Camp Ho-Ba-Chee - hello! 
{can you spot Gracie & I in the mirror? amongst all the pretty!}

Camp Ho-Ba-Chee - what I got
{what I brought home: cute vintage doxie planter & antique shabby chic soap dish holder}

What: Camp Ho-Ba-Chee, a wonderful place full of vintage & antique & handmade things
Where: 18 Main St., Warkworth, Ontario and Online
Who: the loveliest of shoppe owners, Lesley & Robin (and Alice & Maggie, the store dogs)!

It's worth a boo, this delightful home away from home! :)
I adore the treasures I brought home with me.
with joy,
p.s. next post will be dedicated to another wonderment of a shoppe located in Warkworth - Toyls of Labur!


  1. ooooh sweetness overload - want the milk/sugar saucer set for Azi! Looks like too much fun - glad you and 'Ruthie' got to go! xo

  2. What fantastic little treasures. I adore little shops like that. I love the retro kitchenware. I would have definitely been lugging some of that home :)

  3. Ummmm, how did you only come away with two things. For Reals....I'm drooling just from the pictures. Especially the tulip tea cups on the stand...oh, I need to move to an area that has wonderful vintage shops!! There are not enough close to me...


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