Catching up with 30 Days Hath November

{teatime : mug cozy my mom made for me w/ a zebra button! happiness}

Day Twelve: Three blogs I can’t get enough of :

365 Days of Lucky I love this girl! She's got mad skills. I feel pretty lucky that I scammed her into being have her as my friend.

Old Brand New Dabito has such an eye for design + he has a way with photography. Also, his dog Beatrice is the cutest (a cute dog or cat is always a bonus to any blog)!

Miss Moss I visit Diana's blog to get inspired and to find out about new-to-me designers and artists. It's a beautiful space to visit, so I like to go about once a week so I can really immerse myself in her posts.

Day Thirteen: Something I'm proud of :

this space you're in right now. I'm pretty proud that I've kept a blog going for over 2 years (forgot to celebrate my 2nd year "blogiversary" - oops!). For a girl with the attention span of a gnat, I find this to be pretty cool. It certainly has evolved, devolved, evolved again, and is now a comfortable place for me to call my blog home.

Day Fourteen: A favourite movie :

can I change this to a favourite TV series? Yes? Awesome! Then I choose Gilmore Girls! Oh, wait, Buffy The Vampire Slayer! They're tied. So it's okay for me to choose both.
if I have to pick a movie, then I'll go with The Brothers Bloom just to be difficult. (I've only seen The Brothers Bloom once, but it really stuck in my mind - it's a pretty awesome flick)

Day Fifteen: Some style inspiration for the season :

um. I'm not a style follower. I wear jeans and shirts. And shoes. Not fancy shoes, but also not crappy shoes. But, I guess if I were to pick an inspiration, I'll go with this:

{Jillian from The Noisy Plume : I love everything about this photo; the sky, the field, the effortless style of the woman in the centre of it all}

Day Sixteen: Someone who inspires me :

My goddaughter Astrid - she's a constant source of inspiration for me! I wish I had a pinky's-worth of her style-sense and artistic ability. I've known Astrid since she was, oh, I think 11? It feels like I've known her and her family forever, though. And during my entire relationship with Astrid, I have been constantly wowed by what she can do. She makes me want to do more and be more.

{a nifty accidental double exposure of Astrid (in the background) & I}

Day Seventeen: My family :

my family consists of 4 siblings, 11 nephews/nieces, an aunt & uncle, a bunch of cousins, and a wonderful mom. also, my puppydog Grace and my kittycat Strongpaw. add onto that my chosen family, the Ackermans (see previous Day re. Astrid, and add onto that her brother Alek and their parents Michele & Martin).

Day Eighteen: What I wore today :

since I haven't been taking too many photos these days, I did a quick sketch of what I wore this day. It's pretty much what I wear most days. Also, this drawing somehow depicts me as a Manga-esque character. It's how I see myself in comic book form.

kinda wish my hair actually looked like I drew it.

And there you have it! My catch-up with 30 Days Hath November!
I know I've not been around much in the online world; it's somewhat difficult to do my normal daily routine when I'm displaced. I've started to make my temporary home into more of a Me space - basically by taking over with a myriad of vintage goods for my Etsy shop. It doesn't feel like home unless I'm stepping over boxes full of vintage!
with joy,


  1. I am not a fashion follower either. I Like my jeans collection. Great photographs.

  2. Awe Caren! Your my chosen family as well <3 AND my inspiration, and sooo many other things.

  3. wow! Way to catch up on all that goodness.. love it! You could point to your profile pic for 'shirt reference' too Ms.Cutie! ;o)
    Loooooove your mama's tea cup cozy too!
    needle and nest


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