Day Eight: the last item I purchased

... this ...

the Spare necklace on Buddha owl
{The Noisy Plume's Spare necklace, perched upon my Buddha owl}

{photo by Jillian}
{wearing my Spare}

I have always wanted to have a little piece joy that is The Noisy Plume, but the first time I bought from Jillian's shop it was as a gift for my mom (I got her a pair of earrings for Christmas last year). I kept prowling the Plume's shop, waiting for something to feel right for me. Late one night (or rather early early morning), I was browsing Etsy and happened to see a new listing that Plume had done. When I saw the Spare necklace, it felt right. Specially when I read Jillian's words:
For days when your soul is spare.

A white room.

A winter washed plain, grasses bowing down in handfuls of wind.
Bright, quiet and clean.
At that moment, I needed something soothing. I was having a bit of a bad time (being sick for so long amongst other things) and when I read the above prose it just fit. I was feeling sparse in my soul & needed a little filling. 
I adore this necklace; its simplicity, it's lightness, the way it nestles just below my collar bone. It's like a whisper from a bird's feather laying there.

Visit the Plume's blog for the most beautiful writing and stunning photography. You'll feel refreshed.
with joy,


  1. she is a beauty: the necklace. the woman. the blog. the YOU. love it! xo

  2. I love the simplicity of your necklace, too. Also, the way it lays on your collar bone. :)


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