Day Five: Three years ago today

Ah. Three years ago today ... what the heck was I doing?! I honestly can't remember, so I went into my photo files to remind myself. November 2008. The thing is, I hardly had any photos from this period of my past. Just some familiar scenes of me & my pets.
I was the owner of the cutest shop in town. I even did an ode to Buttercup & Co. in blog-post form earlier this year. Oddly, I couldn't find any photos of the shop from that time period.
Here's what I know: I was relatively happy, but not entirely so due to two reasons:
1. I was mostly unwell
2. I had an inkling I would have to close up Buttercup.
I kept Buttercup going until May of the following year. My health continued to decline.

But, this is for happier memories!
1. I loved my hair
2. Strongpaw was a fat cat & I also had a 2nd cat named Wolf:

Autumn 2008 - Strongpaw was fat 
My kittycat Strongpaw was a fat cat in 2008. I loved her extreme fatness; so pudgy!
Autumn 2008 - I liked my hair
I had longer hair 3 years ago, with an angle cut ... think I may go back to that style! 
Autumn 2008 - I had a lime green wall
No, I didn't have a pug in 2008, but I did have a freaky lime green wall (it no longer exists).
I still have that awesome 1960s crazy patterned couch, though! And Grace still sees her pug friend.
Autumn 2008 - handsome Wolf
Above is my sweet Wolf, he was the handsomest of all cats. He's in kitty heaven now.
Autumn 2008 - hello.
I had tired eyes most of the time; I also had a nose ring (which I miss having - might need a re-piercing!)

Wish I had some more fascinating photos and information to share, but I really don't remember much from late 2008. I was hectically busy with my store Buttercup and I spent lots of time with friends - but no photos of any of that fun stuff! But, I think the above pretty much showcases the best of then. Wolf, Strongpaw when she was fat, and my awesome hair. ;)
This is Day Five of 30 Days Hath November.
with joy,


  1. wow! crazytown! i had to go check my photo files {on facebook, no less} from that year as well to jog my memory. and i also ended up blogging about my hair.


    p.s. are you enjoying 30DHN as much as i am? i am loving having prompts for the day.

  2. Wow, your post is a lot less emotionally fueled than mine. Hah. Sorry about that!!!

    Your hair did look quite cute and oh, such pretty pretty kitties. I am so sorry you lost Wolf. :( I am also sorry you had to close up Buttercup!

    But here is to 2011! Here, here!

  3. Oh gosh, I'm SO loving reading through everyone's #30DHN posts -- phenomenal!!

  4. That is the most adorable cat ever. She was HUGE!!!!
    That couch rocks :)

  5. I've had this post open almost all day and Georgia kept sneaking peeks of pudgy Strongpaw and flipping her lid! Except she called him Titty. I hope you don't mind.


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