Day Four: A friend I adore

A friend that I adore. That's what today's (well, yesterday's... this is a day late!) prompt is from 30 Days Hath November.
One friend.
That's a hard one to do; choose one friend to focus on here in this space! I chose to do a little ode to Karen, one of my bestest girlfriends. She's one of the coolest cats I know (and she has a very cool cat, too!). We have a shared love of thrifting, vintage pretties, pretty dresses, Paris dreams, tasty treats, the tradition of tea, and the list goes on!

{my naked feet compared to Karen's prettily adorned ones}the Cat & the Holga
{Kahlo-cat, Karen's ultra cool cat - who happens to like my Holga camera}
*note to self: make a print of this photo for Karen!

Grace smooches friend Karen
{my Gracie-pup is absolutely crazy for Karen!}

Karen with a K
Caren with a C
We are two peas in a K-Caren filled world!
It's cute how our mutual friends will say, "the Other K(C)aren" when only one of us is around.
I love that Karen knows the best way to get in touch with me is via Twitter. I love that Karen seems to always have something vintage on her body. I love that Karen isn't afraid of trying new things and getting tattoos! I love that Karen and I became friends in a place called Buttercup (where friendships bloomed daily).
with joy & friendship,
Caren... with a C!
p.s. here's a silly birthday post I did for Karen last year - check out my photo montage!


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