Day Nine: a close-up of my day - UPPERCASE

uppercase 11 - pretty crayon cover!

I actually ventured outside of the house today, to run some errands. This is the first time I've gone out, without a helping hand, in quite a while. I'm utterly pooped now, though, and will be in rest-mode this aft/eve. I brought my camera with me to take part in today's 30 Days Hath November prompt - to show a "close-up of my day". Thing is, I forgot to use the camera ... well, actually, it was more that I was too tired to use the camera.
However! I did do a close-up of a very very happy moment I had today, before I left the house.
My issue 11 of Uppercase Magazine came in the mail today!

uppercase 11 - hello!

I have heard from a few friends that I was actually in this issue, and I was full of anticipation to see what it was all about. I had a suspicion it was for the readers' Profiles section - and I was right!

uppercase 11 - my reader profile

 I had sent in my profile to Uppercase back when they had asked readers to submit them (using a series of questions). I excitedly filled mine out, as I was/am an Uppercase reader, carefully picking out a Polaroid that my goddaughter Astrid had taken of me riding a vintage bicycle. I took my time answering the questions, letting myself ponder over them a little. So, when Jen tweeted me that I was in the most recent issue, I did an internal squeal.

uppercase 11 - Triangles!
{above: Triangles! I love geometric shapes!}
uppercase 11 - Flashlights!
{above: Flashlights! Reminds me of my friend Martin}
uppercase 11 - OWLS!
{above: OWLS! The fact my lil profile was in the same issue as owls made me utterly gleeful!}

So, there's a little snapshot of a moment of time in my day today. A happy little moment. 
I hope you've enjoyed this peek at the inside of Uppercase Magazine - my favourite use of paper! :)
I wasn't able to renew my subscription right away, but as soon as I saved up the $$, I immediately went to Uppercase's website and bought the renewal. 
Thank you Uppercase for being a constant source of inspiration (and for putting me in print!)
with joy,

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