Day Six: A book I'm reading

I have a stack of books by my bed! I always do. They sit there patiently, waiting for me to pick them up and turn their pages. Such patience they have! I read voraciously when I was away at the cottage a few weeks ago; I always read better when I'm away from home.

However, there is one book that is getting some action right now, and today's 30 Days Hath November will focus on it (and maybe one more):

Paris To Die For by Maxine Kenneth.
When I was book shopping prior to my getaway (I always stock up on books before vacay time), I had a list I meant to stick to. Then I set eyes on this title, and it jumped out at me! Paris? oui oui! When I snatched it off the shelf and saw the cover, I was sold. Yup, the cover sold it for me. A Jackie Kennedy-esque woman in Paris. Hello! When I read the back cover, I got a little giddy. What a yarn! It's a 'what if' tale fabricated from an actual letter Jackie received when she graduated college. It was from the CIA. In this book, we see a Jackie that joins the CIA and goes all spy-like in, yes you guessed it, Paris! It's gads of fun. I admit, though, that it would have been equally swell without using Jacqueline as the main character. In fact, it would probably be more fun using a fictional female lead. However, it's something not to be taken seriously. Just a romp. Sometimes that's all a girl needs to read between the pages. :)

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There is another book, one I finished somewhat recently, that I have to mention. It put me under its spell immediately and didn't let go until the last word was read.
The Reinvention of Love by Helen Humphreys.
It's the story of Adele Hugo's love affair with Charles Sainte-Beuve. Adele was Victor Hugo's wife. Charles was one of Victor's closest friends. The story is told through both Adele and Charles, and their voices are clear and full of emotion and desolation. Hugo is omnipresent throughout the novel, but he isn't really a main character. The main character is the inescapable and tragic lure of love. Paris is the setting, and she comes alive in the hands of Humphreys. Paris the city, as well as the cultural/political history of Paris.
I ate this novel up as if it was dessert.
I'm a big fan of Humphreys' way with words. The first book I read of hers was Wild Dogs, another one I'd recommend. Humphreys doesn't write lightly. She delves head first into human nature.

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with a joy of reading,

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