Day Ten: What I like most about my job.

Well, the 10th 30 Days Hath November prompt had me thinking hard. First I had to figure out what my job title is, then I could answer the question. I honestly can't figure out my job title. I work from home, running my vintage shop. I do some odd jobs now & then doing graphic, print & web design (more of a rarity these days as I've become bored of computer related work - was in the biz for over a decade). Um, so with all of that, what do I do? I can tell you that my favourite part of owning my vintage Etsy shop (thevintageapartment.com) is finding the vintage goodies! I love to hunt. I also love to research the history of the items. Then there's the photographing of said vintage goodies - it's a creative spark! Oh, and then there's designing the Thank You cards for my customers which I do enjoy. I guess I love a lot of aspects of my current gig.

Family Thrift Store
{me at a Salvation Army Thrift Shop; in my crappy I'm-thrifting-so-whatever clothes}

I can go one further, though, and say the thing I like least about it is working from home. I have cramped quarters and a real lack of people-related energy/inspiration. Having had owned an honest-to-goodness retail store and the social hubbub it entailed made me love that energy! So, working solo from my small apartment is sometimes difficult. But then again, my natural way of being a homebody + somewhat anti-social kind of makes working from home quite apropos, no?
with joy,


  1. I would kill (okay... um... slap? hug?) for your job!!! I love working from home so much!!! And everything you do sounds so beyond fun!

  2. oh, but I do so miss the sunshine spot of town that was Buttercup...!! We all came orbiting into your constellation of sweetness there, and you - you were our sun goddess! ;o) Now it's a flippin' adult movie store isn't it??! sheesh.


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