Day Thirty: three wonderful things that happened this month

1. Spending time with a bunch of fabulous fellow bloggers today (more on this soon!):

the line up
from L-R {Mel  Des ✩ me ✩ Astrid ✩ Elycia ✩ Carly  Jen}

2. Being stitched by Jen aka Lucky Jackson! (pictured below being held by Jen's daughter Clare):

me, stitched by lucky jackson 

3. Chosen to be Profiled in Uppercase Magazine's Reader section!

uppercase 11 - my reader profile

Even with the nasty business of having my apartment ripped up & being displaced this month, November has been filled with positive notes! I'd say more joy came into my life than sadness during this 30 Days Hath November, and most of the joy happened today - the last of day of November!
I love it when a month ends on a high note, and it couldn't get much higher than spending an afternoon with talented, sweet, creative people - whilst also being surrounded by art & being served tea! I can't wait to share more on this day with you - but it'll have to wait! I'm exhausted and ready to go to bed now: happily & fulfilled. What more can a girl ask for?
with much joy,


  1. That top picture is awesome! I gound you via Lucky Jackson's blog- being stitched by her is so cool :) and congrats on being featured in uppercase magazine!

  2. eeee! i love that photo OH so much. it's insanely cute!!!!

    also, you're a TON of fun. let's hangout more! speaking of which, are you going to hit up twinkle tomorrow night? send me a tweet and let me know cause i'd like to head down and i'd love your company ;)


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