Day Two: Inspirational Quotes

The 2nd day of 30 Days Hath November's prompt is for 3 inspirational quotes. This is a tough one for me!
I honestly can't remember any quotes/words/philosophies that I am so motivated/moved/altered by that they are kept in my memory-pocket to be pulled out at a moment's notice to share with others. It doesn't help that I have a terrible memory. Seriously, it's like a sieve.

However, here's a few quotes/words that I think are short & sweet and reflect my current state of mind:

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"Maybe you have to know darkness before you can appreciate the light." - Madeleine L'Engle via Ring of Endless Light. {a favourite author of mine from my pre-teen to early teen years; that book in particular inspired a lot of poetry from me as a youngster}
with joy,


  1. The "home" quote is so true. I'd rather spend my time, relaxing with my honey and fur and feather babies than be doing anything else!

  2. "In three Words, I can Sum up everything i'v learned about life. It Goes On"

    This is So True :D x


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