Days Twenty-Six through Twenty-Nine

Day Twenty-Six: something I'm looking forward to :

Paris coordinates by sarahsmiledesign

Paris, 2012!

Day Twenty-Seven: myself, one year ago :

I had shorter hair, a nose ring, it was wintry instead of rainy, I was blond, I was doing web design work, I was busy packing Christmas orders from my Etsy shop... basically myself one year ago today was a lot like the me that is now except I have no nose ring, I'm growing out my hair, & I don't do web gigs any more. We all evolve, even the littlest of ways - so I am a different version of Me now. Hopefully wiser, possibly lighter, and definitely missing my nose ring.
I can't find a photo of myself a year ago, so you'll just have to get by with this lame text paragraph.

Day Twenty-Eight: a skill I'd like to learn :

I constantly toss out ideas of what I'd like to learn. Crochet, embroidery (which I used to do), carpentry, the ukulele, the banjo, the skill of organization, etc etc etc.

i love Zee Avi's voice! (you won't find me singing, just strumming a uke)

Day Twenty-Nine: some place I'd like to visit.

Come Fly With Me by LeaseaPenny

Japan, Australia, San Francisco, the Galapagos, the East Coast of Canada, the Northwest Territories, Portland Oregon, Vermont, the Bala Cranberry Festival, Montreal ... um. yah, there's places I'd like to visit.
Funny thing is, I hate to travel - or rather, travel hates me.
Which is why I enjoy little day trips.
Except for what I reference in Day 26 - I will triumph over travel for the chance to go to Paris!

Almost at the end of 30 Days Hath November - Day 30 is the last day, and hopefully I'll have a post ready for you before the 30th is over!
with joy,


  1. Oh gee. I love that song and girl's voice!
    How on earth did you discover it??

  2. Isn't Zee adorable? I found her during a random ukulele search a while ago. That youtube video is one of her first, but she is now a bonafide recording artist! Such a darling voice. :)


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