Days Twenty-Two through Twenty-Four!

Day Twenty-Two: some place I’ve traveled :

"follow me" Leah Duncan

Vancouver Island - I will always remember the whale watching I did at Telegraph Cove. We mainly saw and heard Orca Whales, and I did see one Humpback break water. It was magical to hear them sing, to learn about their language, to see their mighty bodies break water. I felt both insignificant and all-powerful in that instance. Humans think they're all that, but we're really not as cool as most of the other lifeforms that share this planet with us. 

Day Twenty-Three: eight things you didn't know about me
  1. I lived in Saudi Arabia as a child.
  2. I used to think all cats were girls and all dogs were boys.
  3. I live with fibromyalgia, as well as other auto-immune disorders.
  4. I started collecting comic books when I was 11 years old because I wasn't able to go to school for an entire semester due to an illness. Comic books kept me company, and they also taught me how to draw!
  5. I still buy comic books from time to time (in fact, I just did so this past Wednesday!)
  6. I was once told that I was a "delicate flower". You may laugh.
  7. I don't like using the phone. Which is probably why I don't own a cell phone.
  8. I published a book of poetry/photography.
Day Twenty-Four: something that means a lot to me

freedom, even in its smallest form.
the freedom to jump in my car & just go.
the freedom to speak my mind, or not.
the freedom of choice.
"Be Free" by CygneNoir

with joy,
still catching up with 30 Days Hath November! Almost there! :)

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  1. Now I am really learning about you! And a book? That´s intriguing!


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