Distraction from Reality: a warm kitten

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I'm afraid I'm not in the blogging spirit of late. I'm behind in my 30 Days Hath November and have very little inspiration in which to draw from right now. My Sunday Smile was a cheerful antidote to the reality I'm living in right now. 
Late last week my apartment became inhospitable. A nasty little surprise hit me on Thursday, in the form of a sewage backup. My apartment is in the basement of a 60+ year old house, and suddenly the dear old plumbing decided it needed to be seen, smelled and heard. My bathtub erupted in all manner of crap (literally). From there, it went downhill. Turned out the main plumbing line that hooks up to the city line needed to be replaced; this happened to be in my living room floor. It also happened to be so full that when the caps were taken off you didn't have to go far to see the sludge - it was *this close* to bursting through my living room floor. Luckily, it was caught in time, but not quite so perfectly. My entire living room all the way to my bedroom has been contaminated. To say it's gross is an understatement. I rescued most of my belongings before things got really bad, thankfully. 
I've been pretty stressed out. It'll be a while before my home will be home again. First it needs to be sanitized, then further destruction will be done before rebuilding. To be honest, the idea of going back into that place makes me pretty sick; in fact it has made me sick.
The silver lining? I get to have new flooring put in. The carpet in half of the apartment is compromised, so bye bye carpet, hello laminate (or something equally non-carpet)! I hate carpets, so I'm not-so-secretly happy about that turn of events. It'll be covered by insurance to boot!
Sorry to go on about the poopy (ha!) situation I'm in, but I just thought I'd let it all hang out here. I'm trying to stay positive, but deep down inside I'm not-so-cheerful.
I'll be spending today moving out some more belongings to get ready for the sanitation to begin. Then it's a waiting game to see how fast new flooring and drywall can be put back up.
So, aren't you glad I didn't share any photos of the situation I've painted a pretty picture of?
Sweet kittens looking cute in vintage photographs is much better!
with hesitant joy,


  1. Oh miss, I am so very sorry. :( I know another lady in the blogging community that had almost the same thing happen. A big ol' hug for you.

    Also, I hear ya on blog inspiration. Either my OCD, my depression or both has hit me rather hard lately and I've been having the hardest time writing, commenting and being... well... me. It's as if my head has been stuck into a big hazy cloud. Boo. :(

    I'm hoping your home sitch gets taken care of quickly!

  2. Oh Caren dear, that is soooo sucky! And yes, very crappy! I can just imagine how stressed you are. I hope you have somewhere nice to sit and sip tea with your pup and relax. xo

  3. ohhh poop!! That's terrible stuff... so sorry for you and mama having to face that. Where will you stay?? They'll have to make it all spic and span so I guess that's a nice 'fresh start' for your space to be happy again. Come for tea and respite whenever you want. :o) xoxo

  4. That really sucks. Sorry to hear about that. Hope it gets cleaned up as quickly as possible for you.

  5. Oh yuck, that sucks!!! Sorry to hear about your 'shitty' problem. Heh heh, get it?

  6. ♥ thanks for all the sweet responses; I take them to heart. I'll be displaced for a few more days or possibly even *gulp* weeks.
    I am looking forward to having a spic n span apartment to get back to; that's turned out to be a positive in disguise.
    I think I could sleep for a week at this point! Maybe it's time to go to Mexico. ;)

  7. Man that's crap! No seriously, I can't imagine how stress that would be. I hope things get cleaned up and fixed in no time!


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