Sunday Smile: gettin' Lucky!

That's me!
That's me as created by the indomitable Lucky Jackson!
Colour me swooned!
Jen (aka Lucky) has been mentioned numerable times in this little space, and now I get to tout her once again! This time directing you to her crazily creative endeavour, 365 Lucky Days and the portrait she did of little old moi.
Jen is creating a piece of original art every day for 365 days. Not just any art, but amazingly unique pieces of textile art - in the form of portraits. At least that's what we're getting treated to so far! Who knows what the future may bring? Which is why it's important to visit 365 Lucky Days daily!

- here's a few of my favourites (so far) -

day 55 day 31 DAY 65A day 23

It's a high possibility that you are already aware of Miss Lucky, as she's been buzzed about all over the blogosphere. Still, one cannot give too much love to this talented lady.
Jen and I have been bosom buddies for years now; I am so blessed to have had her breeze into my old shop Buttercup asking if I'd put her art up on the walls (I did, oh so happily so!). I had already known about her art, but somehow didn't realize she was from my own town! Crazy cool! We bonded over our love of a good thrift, of all things vintage, comic books & geekery, and at the heart of it all, our shared Peter Pan syndrome (we embrace our inner child a  lot!).
I loves her lots.
Thank you, Jen, for creating art using my face!
with lucky joy,


  1. tee hee... 'art using my face' - love it! I also love how your shop brought so many of us together!
    Eager for 'tea' this week with you lovelies!
    needle and nest

  2. Soooo much love! So glad she used your face ^_^

  3. wow!! that is such a pretty photo. the details in your eyes are great and i love the vintage brooch!! so pretty.


  4. wow! what an honour! i adore everything about it.



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