Sunday Smile: my ukulele

taking a stroll with my ukulele 

A little while ago, I was thrifting with my goddaughter Astrid and during our travels, I found myself a ukulele. A beautiful vintage Harmony ukulele. Besides the banjo, the ukulele is something I have a crush on. I have no musical ability, just ask my childhood piano teacher. However, I'm told I have a good ear. An ex of mine had started to teach me the guitar, and while I did enjoy strumming the old girl, I sucked at being a student (this has always been the case). So, this time, with my sweet little ukulele, I am teaching myself. I've already learned to tune it and am now starting with some basic first lessons via YouTube. I hope I can actually play you a tune sometime! Just don't ask me to sing ... my voice may cause nausea. ;)

holding my ukulele 
{above: faux strumming of my ukulele & Gracie pup running amok}
i like my hat 
{above: my banjo-playing hat w/ my mom's very vintage leather leaf brooch}
i like my tshirt 
{above: a new Tshirt that I adore - I haven't bought myself Tshirts in years!}
i love my ukulele taking a stroll with my ukulele

I also scored myself a beginner's guitar for next to nothing. It's a cheap Nova guitar, but good enough to learn some basic stuff on. I may just start teaching myself how to play it, as well. Who knows? Maybe I'll tap into some hidden talents? Or at least look cool trying.
Trying new things makes me smile :)
with joy,

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  1. yessss! You already look like such a beat-nic...hipster..folk hottie! ;o) Uke it up - and then post a vid of your sweet skills for us to see! Love that leaf brooch too... hugs to you my friend.
    needle and nest


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