Sunday Smile: some chicken love

chicken face chicken bum chicken face chicken bum - hello naughty chickens on the fence

Those are some mighty fine chicken bums and chicken faces, no?
I enjoyed chatting with these 2 girls whilst they scampered along the fence top.
They were looking for these particular berries that grow on the vines covering the fence;
I ignored the fact that they were naughty chickens for being up there.
It's probably my fault they misbehaved; I feed them the berries through our fence!
These are my next door neighbour's chickens, of which I have had the joy of partaking in their bounty (eggs!).

The girls make me smile when they come a'running to greet me when I'm in my backyard, looking for a berry or two. They will be sad chickens when the berries are all gone; I'll have to find another treat to give them during the winter!
with joy,


  1. I just love those chicks! So colorful curious faces, and the last photo with two of them, almost like an fence decorations, they do make my sunday smile! :))

  2. Wonderful pictures of these cute chickens!! I love how colorful they are.

    Loulou @ Loulou Downtown

  3. I've known some feathered friends who were fond of little bits of dehydrated fruit when there was snow on the ground. :) Those ladies are beautiful and have quite the pretty feathered bums.


  4. I like the pancakes below ever better! Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me too, soon.

  5. Post interesting and beautiful artistic images.
    I enjoyed and smiled to myself
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