Christmas scenes from Tea & Chickadees!

the little owl in the golden Christmas tree! 
{above: a vintage deer ornament I recently found whilst antiquing; she makes my tree happier!}
the little owl in the golden Christmas tree!
{above: the most recent addition to my ornament collection! an owl from a dear friend - thanks Karen!}
Christmas wrapping & a cup of tea. 
{above: doing some simple wrapping with a mug full of tea close by}
the Christmas wrapping mess & a cup of tea.
{above: my messy wrapping & Christmas card zone & a mug full of tea}
the Dog & Cat "helping" with Christmas wrapping! 
{above: Strongpaw & Gracie are "helping" me wrap!}
the Cat loves Christmastime. 
{above: Strongpaw loves Christmastime - all the papery crinkle sounds make her go crazy!}
Christmas presents all ready to go! 
{above: a bag full of Christmas! I used tissue paper, vintage pillow boxes & vintage wrapping paper}
Christmas Cookies all wrapped up.
{above: stickers were my go-to Christmas accessories for fancying up brown paper lunch bags!}

I love coming up with new ways to wrap gifts every year. This year I got lucky when I found a stash of unused vintage pillow boxes & wrapping paper! I also love using tissue paper to wrap with - my cat agrees with this choice; she loves how tissue paper sounds!
I picked up a couple of rolls of Christmasy stickers to use for decorating, and then found a stack of name tag stickers with owls on them! I swooned when I saw them & knew they'd be perfect labels for my cookie packages. I'm finding myself sticking stickers on every surface now ... terribly addictive, the act of sticking.

Oh, and then there's the time I attempted to put antlers on Grace's head to take cute Christmasy photos of her. Below shows you just how well that went over! (I also attempted to do likewise with Strongpaw ... note, there is no photographic evidence of that event)

the Antler attempt ... Grace did not approve.

Merry Christmas all you sweet chickadees! I hope you find love, peace and sweetness all around you!
I'm spending my Christmas Day with my mom & dog & cat - a nice quiet day eating good food, opening special gifts, watching Doctor Who (there's an all day marathon on Space! woot!) and movies. Probably will throw in a game of Scrabble, too, just because. I love a quiet Christmas!

A fun Christmas tradition is The Noisy Plume's Christmas Tree Photo Contest! If you don't know about this annual event, it's on one of my favourite blogs & it's where folks submit a Christmas tree photo & the public votes on the winning photo. I submitted one (my 3rd time entering the contest!) of my little deer ornament. Pop on over & take a boo at all the lovely trees and vote for your favourite.

Happy Christmas Eve from me!

with mistletoe & sugar plums,


  1. Merry Christmas, miss! I agree, I love a quiet Christmas!!! I'm so glad we know one another this year, you've been such an amazing friend. *hug*

  2. Oh I was confused about how to package presents for new year but now i know what i want! Thanks for inspirational photos! Happy Holidays!

  3. Merry Xmas Caren! I hope you enjoyed a lovely day.

    I couldn't find any antlers to put on my Ralphie's head but I suspect her reaction would've been very similar to Grace's. :)


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