comfort in a cup of tea AKA how I cope with stress

Starlight Dining Lounge Tea

above : taking time out to sip some tea at my favourite restaurant, Starlight Dining Lounge

below : why I need a time-out

my foyer, where mold was found underneath the original vinyl flooring
above: the Daleks are coming! run away!
for those of you who watch Doctor Who, I salute you. 

above: the bathroom, where sewage backups reign supreme.
(okay, not really. only once, but grossly so)

above: the remnants of my kitchen... in my living room.

So, do you recall my mentioning how I've been displaced for the past month+ after a bit of an icky thing happened in my apartment (in the name of sewage backup & major main pipe surgery)? Well, just when I thought things were finally on the up-swing, in the form of the laying of new floors - yet another disaster was found beneath the original flooring. The subfloor and the concrete below were WET. All because of improperly installed flooring. It seems the concrete couldn't breathe, so basically just wet itself into the vinyl floor underlay. That was the kitchen. That was bad enough.
Then they (a great group of guys, in actual fact) decided to check out what was under the floors in my foyer. Guess what they found? Yup! More wet, and this time with the extra bonus points of stinky icky black mold! Mold was already found in my bathroom during the clean-up/restoration post-sewage backup issue. I wasn't prepared for more mold to be unleashed upon my super-duper-sensitive immune system.
Suffice it to say, the new floors have not been installed. Instead, we had to go on mold patrol. Dry out the floors, spray the mold, etc etc. Also, I had to pack up my kitchen belongings, with the help of my dear mom, so that the workers could *remove* my kitchen cabinets in order to fix any other issues before laying the floor.
I fear what they might find when they look under the original flooring in my office and furnace room.
For now, though, I am told everything is coming along ticketyboo & I might even see my apartment finished by next Friday!
I never thought I'd see it done before Christmas ... but I'm also not holding my breath.
It seems everytime I turn around, something new and dreadful is revealed.
I'm pretty tired.
Of all the new things.
All I want for Christmas is the comfort of tradition... and no more mold!
with little bits of joy found in a cup of tea,
p.s. the night that the wet moldy floors were found, I turned to beer & wings to soothe my stress. tea is a much, much healthier option... but perhaps not quite as tasty. ;)


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your wet/mould problems! Sounds like you are definitely in need of many a relaxing cup of tea.

    I'll cross my fingers it's all fixed up soon for you.

  2. Oh that sucks! I hate mould! Have as much tea and beer and wings as you need. xo

  3. high five the doctor! and boo to nasty mold! virtual hugs and tea, caren. this has been a really trying time for you. {also, virtual wings and beer which contain no calories.}


  4. Gosh! Once, our water pipe broke in the basement, and there was just about a centimetre or two of water all over the floor: and they had to saw up about a third of the walls to prevent mould!! Really sorry to hear about all the complications that have come your way! Hopefully things will get back on track. Have more wings.


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