looking to the new year : 2012 calendars

I've been enjoying other blogs' posts sharing 2012 calendar finds, and decided I wanted to do likewise. I love calendar art, but funnily enough, I hardly ever use calendars! I tend to forget to switch to the new month. Last year, I used My Owl Barn's awesome free downloadable/customizable owl calendar - and will do so again this year, as it's just so owlful!
I've also decided that what I need for 2012 is a poster calendar - the entire year mapped out on one pretty page to pin up on a deserving wall. Here's a small selection that I've found on Etsy:

{click on individual images to visit the artist's listing}

And if that wasn't enough calendar love, here's a treasury I made in the wee hours of the morn:

Are you a fan of calendars? Or do you use technology to keep you informed on days/dates?
I tend to be a fan of paper (or fabric!) calendars, just like I prefer a real-life card/letter to their digital counterparts. There's something about the tangibleness of something you can hold in your hand, mark up with pen, and perhaps even reuse after its original purpose is done.
*note: paper used from renewable/sustainable/recycled sources is an important factor in my decision making! even though I love paper, I love it responsibly. ;)
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  1. How to choose? Near impossible - they're all so wonderful (though I think the first one is my favourite).

    And yes, I like real calendars that you can scribble on. I have a month-by-month planner that is both on and off line for all the boring stuff (plus all our travel plans, not so boring). And also a big desk calendar that I scrawl all over which tracks all the fun stuff like blog posts and swaps and mail art packages. My life would be a total disaster without my calendars!

  2. Ooh, there's some great ones here. I'm waiting to see what santa brings me - hopefully he's read this too!

  3. I'm terrible at using calendars ... I always start the year with the very best of intentions ... but then find myself forgetting to use them by about March. I tend to rely on my brain, or my iphone to remind me of important events ...

    I love the calendars that you've shared ... the first is my favourite ... so pretty!

  4. Thanks for featuring mine :) All great choices here!


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