New Year Thoughts: finding quiet pockets of time

a Christmas Day walk a Christmas Day walk
{above: look carefully & you'll see Gracie's wee bum running in the opposite direction!}
pretty bows on my Christmas apron.

On Christmas Day, I took Grace for a little walk. It was overcast and the snow that had fell that morning had mostly melted. The trail was muddy, and the birds were quiet. Everything was still, as if nature was taking this exact moment to reflect, to listen, to breathe. Every once in a while, another person and their dog would pass our path - and it was if Grace knew that it was not right to ruin the quietness as she did not bark her usual hello. 

I had dressed up for Christmas, wearing a forest green dress and a freshly thrifted apron which I immediately deemed my Christmas apron. It has bright red strawberries, dainty white blossoms, bright green leaves and best of all it has cheerful little pockets tied with red ribbons. I felt quite festive walking the muddy wet trail in my pretty frock, which was set off by my tall plaid winter boots.

It's important to take a breadth of time to find the quiet moments, especially during the holiday season when it can sometimes be overwhelming. It's part of having a healthy self-care regime; some may deem it meditation or prayerfulness. For me, it's finding quiet pockets of time amongst the trees.

My hope for you, my dear chickadees, is that you can find those pockets of quiet when you need them. With the upcoming new year just around the corner, it's a good time to start adding a bit more self-care into our routines. I hope to find more of those pockets in the pages of a book. I used to be a voracious reader, but somehow I let the stresses of Life take away that simple pleasure. The fact I have 5 new books, thanks to generous Christmas gifts, to read definitely gives me a push in the reading direction!
with thoughtful joy,


  1. I had a beautiful 'quiet time' day of reflection. I painted watercolour roses and perused my rose books and thought and thought. I also didn't think, but listened to the snoring of my dogs and the wiggling of my husbands wool socks while he snoozed on the couch. Every window of our house looked on to a winter wonderland. The house was so silent... no jazz station on the radio, no tv...just my paintbrush swirling about in it's water bucket and the quiet swish of delicate watercolor on paper.
    A lovely reflective New Year to you my sweet friend! Michele

  2. fantastic first shot.. and then a 'peep show'... love it. I too, must force myself to start reading again... its just so good for the brain.heart.soul eh? merry christmas, happy peace-full new year luv.
    needle and nest

  3. What a lovely outfit, I love the photos :) I really need to find more quiet moments for myself to simply reflect and take stock.. xx

  4. You had me at "tea and chickadees" ;)


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