the one with the happy distractions.

Sleepy Gracie, in black & white Strongpaw foreground, Gracie background.

I'm always been a person who sees/cherishes the little things - allowing myself to be distracted from Life's daily routines & realities. I've lost a little of that ability recently, but Grace & Strongpaw are my constant reminder. Their furry little selves can bring me a welcome distraction, if I take the time to appreciate the moments.
Take, for instance, the fact that Grace likes to burrow under my bed's many blankets - the moment she snuffles her way out from under, her face all sleepy, melts away any stresses I might have had.
As for Strongpaw, any time she deigns to give me (perchance to purr?!) is a sweet one. In the above photo, she steals the spotlight from Grace, who is watching the outside world on a high vantage point. I love how my little Christmas tree is glistening in the background.
A new day always brings a fresh viewpoint, and after writing yesterday's post I already feel lighter and brighter. The moldy smell is dissipating in my apartment, and dreams of redecorating a fresh clean home is making me want to paint all of my walls white before I move in again.
It's good to be distracted now & then.
with joy,


  1. ....aw, feeling for you Caren, sorry for the hassle in the depths below! That has got to be one of the BEST shots you've taken of Gracie - so adorable! Much patience.peace.joy to you in the little things this season. xo
    needle and nest

  2. Nawww, your furry friends are so cute!! And I completely agree with you on the whole 'pleasant' distraction part of pets ... I often look at my cat sleeping and think, he knows what life's all about!! ;)


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