photographic visit down memory lane...

happy moment : me and Grace 

I was going through my file folders on my computer and found a few old(er) photos of me & my pup Grace that made me remember exactly those moments in time. It was like a total *freeze frame* thing.
The photo above is one I took of me & Grace the summer after I closed my boutique shop (Buttercup & Co.). I recall getting dressed up & deciding I wanted a cute photo of me & Grace, to remember the good times. I remember laughing at myself for doing such a silly photoshoot, and that's the photo you see above. It's a good memory.

I'm Batgirl 
above: photo taken of me over 4 years ago, when I liked to show off my Batgirl self. I think it's one of the best photos ever taken of me. Too bad I got rid of that vintage red leather jacket! It's a good memory.

yesteryear : pink lady 
above: this is me in a LOT of pink. I don't think I ever wore so much pink before, or after.
This was taken just after I got my nose pierced. It was a good day, and it's a good memory.

puppy Gracie - in a basket puppy Gracie - in a helmet

That's Gracie when she was just a baby puppy. She was (and still is!) the cutest little thing. She was so tiny that she fit in a motorcycle helmet (last photo). The other one is of her in a little white basket. Both photos were taken at the Lakefield Animal Welfare giant outdoor yard sale over 4 years ago, by a photographer from the Lakefield Herald. I had him send me the photos; so glad I did! It's a good memory.

I don't know why I got into such a reminiscing mode today ...
I think it's because I was scanning photos of my dad, who passed away over 8 years ago, and that kick-started me going down memory lane.
I'm so glad I am a camera happy girl, who took lots of photos and had lots of photos taken.
It's how I hold onto memories. I see the image, and it triggers the memory. If I didn't have the photograph, there would be no memory. My brain just doesn't retain information in the normal way; it's all visual.

So, I thought I'd bring you down memory lane with me!
And seeing those photos of me really makes me want to pierce my nose again.
Can't wait until February, when I have a date with a certain goddaughter to have our noses done together!
That's what makes memories so good; the knowledge that everyday brings a new one for the future.

addendum : an important thing I've learned about memories is that you can pull the good things out of a time of your life that (behind the scenes) were not-so-happy. I choose to focus on the positive instances. This doesn't mean I ignore the bad stuff - because let's face it, the crappy stuff is part of what makes us who we are! - but I have learned to let go. Let go and hold on to the good.

Go make some good memories!
with joy,


  1. Oooh was Gracie ever small!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. beautiful!

    i loved walking down memory lane with you.

    now please excuse me while i mop my heart up off of the floor...it melted into a love puddle when i saw baby gracie.



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