Sunday Smile: bloggers by Instax

hello chickadees!
Today's Sunday Smile is brought to you by Fujifilm Instax
as well as the sweet blogger style of Elycia, Mel, Lucky, Astrid, me, Carly, and Des!

the tea party girls in Instax
I finally scanned the instant photography I took during the local blogger tea party I was a part of!
I smiled quite a bit to myself upon looking at these Instax shots, remembering what a lovely time we had
- and how silly-fun it was for each of us to line up to get our photo taken, paparazzi style! 
I knew I wanted an Instax shot of each pretty lady, and am so happy to have them.
p.s. thanks to Astrid for taking the shot of me!

with joy,

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  1. ee! so cute! I love these. I'm sad my instax batteries died and i didn't get everyone. very happy that I can live vicariously through yours though ;)


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