Sunday Smile: the Twinkle show

Twinkle show : the girls + me 
from front to back: me!, Des, Jen & Karen peeking out from behind!

What you see above is a bevy of beauties (and my big happy face!) at the Twinkle Christmas show!
I went to the Springkle show (yes, in the Spring) and so had to go to the winter one, too.
Lucky Jackson (Jen) had a table at the show, so a bunch of us went together to visit her and a few other talented artisans (like Erin of Apples with Honey which I wish I took a photo of). I bought a pair of pretty earrings from Erin to give to a friend, but it was her earthy-sweet perfumes that were most popular! She is so full of talent - natural body care, photography, jewelry, screen-printed clothes! wow!

Twinkle show : the yuletide fire 
above: the yuletide fireplace in the lower level. Felt warm sitting by it! ;)

Twinkle show : breads & preserves 
above: Two Dishes Catering made some scrumptious breads, preserves & pies!
I took a turkey pot pie (heating it right now!) and a loaf of multi-grain bread (already gone)!

Twinkle show : the girls 
above: fashionable Karen picks out a piece of Lucky Jackson art, with Lucky herself standing by.
There's Des in the background looking quite darling in her scarf.

Twinkle show : the wall of Madonnas
above: a wall of Madonnas took my full attention; sadly none were for sale! :)

These shows (the Springkle & the Twinkle) are hosted at a house, which makes a delightful setting to browse art/crafts/food and meet/greet the actual creators! Peterborough is full of lovely creative outlets like this. I'm a happy girl that I get to go to them with good friends.

with joy,


  1. love it! Your shots actually turned out with a sweet glow... mine were all dark and blurry. Hope to see you this coming weekend at Focus Fair... gonna be awesome! ;o)
    needle and nest


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