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the tea party - the polaroid blogger girls
Mel  ♥ Des  ♥ (me!) ♥ Astrid  ♥ Elycia  ♥ Carly  ♥ Jen

See all those pretties lined up?
Those are all local bloggers, who for the first time ever were in one place together at the same time.
This is kind of monumental.
We can thank the talented & lovely Michele Karch Ackerman for this happy moment!
Michele is a Canadian artist whose current installation, called Foundling, is at my local gallery: the Art Gallery of Peterborough.

Foundling by Michele Karch Ackerman Foundling by Michele Karch Ackerman

Michele brought it upon herself to host all of us local bloggers + a special guest (hello Elycia!) at her show.
Not only that, but she allowed us to be a part of her tea ceremony; with Blessed tea & her homemade cookies. It was a special day, full of special moments.

the tea party - sitting pretty?
We did many, many photo ops during our time together!
We even got to sit down on the job.
(I love how Elycia's hair & Des' legs are the same colour!)

the tea party - an instax party!
I knew I'd want to take an Instax shot of each of these beauties, and so I did!
(I still need to scan them all in, as well as the Polaroids I took!)

the tea party - awkward family portrait
We decided we needed to do an "awkward family portrait" with our hostess Michele.
I sort of love this photo. We look far too adorable, oui?

the tea party - from above
photos taken from up above are by far the most attractive of perspectives!

the tea party - the littlest polaroid girl
this is Clare-bear, Jen's youngest, and she is the littlest Polaroid girl!

the tea party - and then there was man
The photo shoots wouldn't have been complete without the addition of the Man of the Blogger world!
Martin is Michele's husband (and they're Astrid's - my goddaughter - parents & two of my dearest friends) and he writes for the blog Flashlights & Arrows.

There are so many things I could say about this day of bloggy happiness, but mostly it was just wonderful to have all these creative souls in one space. It was almost overwhelming! They are all truly unique, beautiful, talented and kind people. People you'd want to spend time with, and I hope to do so again sooner!

nov 30 2011 sunset
that sky is what I was welcomed with that evening. perfect ending to a perfect day!

*note: photos of the bloggers were taken with my camera by Michele or Martin; all other photos taken by me :)


  1. This looks like so much fun, I love the idea of loads of bloggers getting together! Such lovely pictures!

  2. How wonderful, sounds like such a perfect day


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