Sunday Smile: this past weekend

my cat & dog, rare sight together
cat & dog at my back entrance (rare sighting of the 2 together!)

Garage Sale Barn
"garage sale" at a barn (it was lame)

my feet & dress & the grass
the (un)necessary look at feet shot

the 'this is me walking' shot

Gracie caught in motion 
Gracie running!! (happy dog)

Blowin' in the Wind 
blowin' in the wind.

the clothesline scarves - film 2
more wind action, this time my pretty vintage scarves

Scrappy, the Rotund Cat 
a very large cat named Sparky (whom I adore!)

All photos taken with my Olympus Trip 500 (my new favourite 'lomo' camera).
There's something about a fully automatic point & shoot film camera that makes me giddy.
I'll have another roll to develop soon, too. Might even start using my beloved Pentax ME! yay!
(guess having a broken digital camera has its perks, no?)
Cameras make me smile ... specifically looking at the world through a lens.


a wall full of Fab

a trio of Fab Trays 

This is another little corner (well, wall) of my home.
It's found in my office/studio (which is currently just a big old mess).
I knew I wanted to hang up some of my beloved Fab trays,
and after humming and hawing over how to do so, 
I opted to choose what you see above & below.

a wall of art

Above, you will find a couple of framed LPs - a fun cheap method of creating art:
There's Audrey Hepburn looking lovely on an original LP of Breakfast at Tiffany's
and the other one I chose because of the girl in the striped top & joyful carousal photo.
In every room, you'll find a Lucky Jackson piece of art - here you see her Diana screenprint.
I mixed that with lots of smaller pieces, which I interchange often.
Bonus? The 'Date Slate' chalkboard that I scored whilst thrifting.

I have been collecting Fab trays for a few years now.
I always get giddy when I come across one whilst thrifting.
I hope to have an entire wall of Fab one day (when I have a wall big enough!).
So far, I have around 15 medium & 5 large Fab trays.

Fabulously yours,
p.s. I took these photos with my Olympus Trip 500, a fun little automatic film camera that I thrifted a lil bit ago. I've been using this camera a lot since my digital camera stopped working!

the one with the cats in bars

I came across this blog post via So Fawned's post 
(it's the way we bloggers like to travel; by linkyloos!) 
and just had to share the awesomeness that is 
Cats in Bars with you chickadees, too!

All feline fancy photography is by Amsterdam-based photographer Martijn Savenije

Don't you wish you had bars (and shops) to go to that had kitties there to greet you?
I'd probably be less of a hermit & actually go places if cats were allowed to hang out in my local cafes, restaurants & bars. On the same topic, I wish these places would let my pup Gracie visit their locales - once again, I'd probably go out more!
I remember when Gracie was just a wee little pup: she was allowed EVERYWHERE. No one would refuse her. She was smuggled into bars, cafes, retail shops, even a few restaurants. Rarely would someone turn her away. But, when the puppy shine wore off, and rules & regulations about dogs got stronger, no more Gracie visits.
It was so nice that when Gracie was a pup, I worked at a local independent doggy boutique shop - so, she came to work with me everyday and got to meet tons of dogs (and people). Then, I opened my own shop (an eco-chic boutique called Buttercup) and once again she could come to work with me! What a lucky dog. I hope, if I ever work outside of my home again, that I can find a place/space that would allow Gracie to come to work with me. Bonus points for having a cat on the premises.
I can never see myself working somewhere that doesn't have a fur baby to hang out with. I got spoiled with my last few jobs; I can never go back again!


Saturdays are for ... iced tea

iced tea poured to perfection

I had a hankering for some homemade iced tea. Specifically sugarless iced green tea (been sugar-free for 3+ weeks so far!). I had this Moroccan Green Tea (a President's Choice brand) that has peppermint added to it, as well as a bit of stevia to sweeten it. {stevia is a good alternative to sugar, but I much prefer agave nectar}

I had it in my mind to make sun tea, but reading up about it turned me off (did you know bacteria can grow in tea steeped in the sun? ick!). So, I boiled about 2 cups of water, added 4 tea bags to the water and let it steep for at least 5 minutes. Then I transfered the tea to my fabulous vintage glass carafe (which I had in my Etsy shop, but then realized I needed it!) and added a few more cups of cold water. Last, but not least, I added some ice cubes and threw it in the fridge for a little while. A 1/2 hour later, I happily poured my Iced Moroccan Green Tea into my pretty little cup & drank in the heat of the sun.

pretty iced tea!

Grace sniffing the iced tea
yup. Gracie had to sniff it all out.

here's lookin' at you, kid. :)

As a cute extra, I had some of my new neighbours come and "visit" me through the fence.
Can you see them hidden amongst the greenery below? They were cluck-clucking their hellos to me!

I also went to a "Barn Sale" earlier today. I was pretty excited about it, and about taking a little trip into the farm lands. When I got to the Barn, I was pretty excited. First, there were two large families of Canadian Geese to greet me and there was a beautiful huge pond to gaze at. Then I saw the Barn, and from a distance it looked pretty sweet. Sadly, it wasn't what I hoped for. It was mostly antiques that were priced as such, and mixed in with that was a bunch of crap. Still, it was a lovely drive.

I did stop into a church yard sale on the way home, though, and scored an end-of-day deal of filling a bag for $2! So, I filled the bag with as much as I could stuff in it (a vintage Samsonite carry-on, a old blue toolbox, some gifts for a friend, and a vintage owl toy that teaches kids how to tell time).

It's been a good Saturday, and it's not even over yet. :)


Raising for Daisy!

You might have noticed the Chipin widget on the upper right hand side of my blog? (Chipin widget has been removed; fundraiser has ended!) That's there to help with fundraising for a good friend of mine, Zoe of A Giraffe in a Scarf. You can find out about & her plight :here:

I donated something for the Raising for Daisy ongoing giveaway! There are over 20 generous giveaways on Zoe's blog right now, and to have a chance to win one of them all you need to do is donate a minimum of $5 to Raising for Daisy's fundraising efforts. So, if you donate $15 you get 3x the chance of winning something!

I donated a $30 Gift Certificate to use at my vintage Etsy shop The Vintage Apartment!
Plus, I'm sending the winner a pretty vintage scarf.
Below is Gracie modeling next to the pile of pretty vintage scarves I have!
I'll pick one to ship to the winner of my giveaway. :)



Please pop over to A Giraffe in a Scarf, read up on Daisy's fight for survival & Zoe's work towards educating crafty cat people to keep their threads locked up away from their curious kitties. All it takes is one thread to cause a kitty to suffer like Daisy has. Zoe did a guest post on The Dainty Squid which tells the story best.

(cat loving) Bloggers helping Bloggers. It's the sweet stuff of life.

UPDATE: Fundraiser has ended, and Zoe & Daisy were able to raise just over 50% of the moneys towards the medical bills. Thanks to all who helped out a kitty in need! And congratulations to Ashley of After Nine to Five for winning my giveaway!


Prettiest Clothesline: Vintage Scarves!

Polaroid - scarves on clothesline

I love the compare/contrast of the Polaroid above
(taken with a 600 & Impossible's Edge Cut film)
and the digital photo below.
Polaroid pictures make everything dreamier!

scarves on clothesline

Vera scarf on the line
close-up of a Vera Neumann hibiscus scarf.

Vera scarves blowing in the wind
lots of colourful Vera scarves in a row!

Scarves & Sky - clothesline
sun + blue sky + clothesline full of pretty scarves = happiness

I washed lots of vintage colourful things today,
and the weather was perfect for hanging out on the clothesline.
To my great enjoyment, the sky lit up with bold patterns and breezy fabric! 
It's enough to make a girl sigh and move to the country, where the blue sky stretches forever.

Polaroid - dreamy scarves 
dreamy Polaroid of vintage scarves on the clothesline



Love Tea

love tea 

This is the word I see at the bottom of my new mug.
How sweet is that?
It makes teatime even that much more special.

love tea - for me 
{tea for me}

love tea - for you
{tea for you?}

I got this special mug from Stepanka Ceramics. I have been a longtime fan of Stepanka's work, and when I saw this cupcake mug I swiped it up immediately. It is my favourite thing. It makes everyday start with a little love and cupcake - what could be better?

I'll probably have to get another of her mugs, perhaps one with question marks at the bottom?

or, maybe one with a purple bicycle & the word travel?

The options are there, my chickadees! 
Stepanka has other goodies in her shop, including her whimsical wall pillows, which I own one of, as well - but that's another post!

Have a tea & love-filled day!


Sunday Smile: The Silly Girls

Astrid & I did a silly impromptu photoshoot the other day.
This is what happens when you get a little silly in front of the camera:

{Grace mooned the camera!}

{Polaroid superheros}

{Get your groove on}

{Peace... with a barking dog}

Polaroid - Astrid & Grace + photo-taking
{and the necessary Polaroid was taken, too}

Not only did I smile, I laughed uproariously!
I hope you get a chance to get silly sometime soon!


Astrid = Inspiration

Astrid & Grace

a girl walks along the green green grass
she takes in the moment
as if it were to last forever
time stops
- silence -
it's a stolen glance
never to be erased
motion captured
and stilled
a memory made

Above is a photo of Astrid holding the Polaroid. She has buttercups in her hair.

Took a Polaroid of Astrid standing in the nearby park during her stay with me over the last couple of days.
Gracie was running like a mad dog around her just at the moment I took the photo! 

As always, I'm inspired by my goddaughter Astrid


the Carnival via Holga

carnival carousal  

A couple of weeks ago, the Carnival was being set up in my nearby park.
I immediately put a roll of film in my trusty yellow Holga & took off in search of fun!
I love watching the rides being put together; unpacked & set up.
It's just a touch eerie, the Before the Carnival Opens time period;
not as creepy(cool) as the taking down, though.
I check it out every year, and never get tired of the sights.

These are a few of my favourite shots that I took that day with my Holga.

carnival planes & numbers

carnival setting up ride

carnival fun house
the back of the Fun House (which I prefer to the front!)

carnival scooter sign
"SCOOTER" - love this sign!

carnival cars
I wanted to jump over the railing & sit in the little cars, but I didn't.

Hop on over to Astrid's blog post about how she and her mom snuck in after hours to do a photoshoot at the Carnival! Such fun!

with Holga & Carnival 


Grace runs amok through the Dandelions!

Photo smashup of Grace:

first she daintily sniffs some dandelions
then she goes full steam ahead
plowing through the about-to-burst dandelion fluff!
to the point that she starts to fly above them all
then, suddenly, she stops
with the fluff all over her
and panting with happy exhaustion

Grace in the dandelions - sniffing

Grace in the dandelions - run!

Grace in the dandelions - run faster!

Grace in the dandelions - flying!

Grace in the dandelions - post-run!

I know I previously stated no more dandelion-related posts, but how could I not post these?
Such joy!
I love it when Gracie gets running so fast that she flies.
She's my super-dog.