focus on: FruitFly Pie

Since it's quite apparent that I like owls (quelle surprise!), I thought I'd do a Focus On post dedicated to the ones that FruitFly Pie make. If you love the look of vintage, but rather have something freshly made then FruitFly Pie is the place to go! Specially if you dig retro owls. Everything is made with a vintage vibe, either using an actual vintage mold or from the artist's own imagination.

Wendy Alderman, the creative force behind FruitFly Pie, shares her studio space with two potbellied pigs named Sammy & Freddy. You heard that right, potbellied pigs. Which is why you'll find pig shaped ceramics in her shop just as much as owls! There's also ice cream cone & cupcake shaped cookie jars, not to mention a variety of woodland-inspired items. Truly, there is something for everyone!

I think I'll give in to my want of a Fruity owl one day!
with owl & potbellied pig joy,

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  1. GASP!!! Oh my god, I love them!!! @.@ I am such a huge owl fan and their shape, their color, even their cute little eyes puts such a big smile on my face!

    Thank you for sharing, miss!


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