A gathering of handmade & vintage via Etsy

The other week I did a post dedicated to the drool-worthy goodies I found at Chapters-Indigo.
This is a like-minded gathering, but instead of mass-produced, these are handmade by individual artists or unique vintage pieces. More of a one-of-a-kind vibe; an antithesis to the world of retail.

{above: egg warmers : vintage owl napkin rings (sadly, they're sold) : knitware porcelain vase}

phew. This gathering took me a long time to put together; I immersed myself in pretty things to find items that reflected the same style as that which I found at a retail chain store. I would always prefer to buy handmade (support the independent artist!) or vintage (recycle, reuse, reduce stylishly!). And yes, I want one (or more) of each of what I picked to showcase here... that's not being greedy, is it?
That isn't to say I won't be buying those white owl bookends I saw at Chapters-Indigo ... there's some things a girl just can't deny herself. Besides, I like having a mix of things in my home - it creates a real eclectic vibe to mix & match!
with much joy,


  1. lovely collection you've assembled here! If one didn't know better.. one would think you're preparing the world for a certain someone's big b-day coming up!? hehe... I wonder how many of the owls you have could be spray painted white for this clean look?
    Mel :o)

  2. Thanks so much for including my work, Caren. I'm thrilled to be on your fantastic blog. Love it!

  3. I think I might need the porcelain lace bowls in my life. they are so pretty.


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