Hello 2012 : a mix of pretty pictures and deep thoughts

2011 ... it was a good year:

full of dear friends, finding new paths, copious amounts of tea, hanging art on walls, focusing more on film photography, lots of day trips, planning Paris, losing sleep, hosting two yard sales, finding myself in the pages of Uppercase (literally & figuratively), learning to let go, being a part of the sweetest blogger tea party, having my face stitched by Lucky Jackson, getting fabulous new floors installed post-sewage-backup-crisis & so much more.

   the line up 
{above: the sweet Blogger Tea Party! I'm the one with the biker boots.}
family : sisters/daughters/mothers 
{above: a rare photo of my sister & I, her 2 daughters & our mom}
showing Gracie my bits of pink hair!
{above: I even had a bit of pink in my hair for awhile!}
a corner of my bedroom 
{above: I finally painted my bedroom white & bought a new bedspread!}
the remains of tea
{above: evidence of my tea addiction}
holding my ukulele

2012 is a brand new year, one that will be filled up with the good & the bad that comes in Life. The important thing is to start each day anew; to let go of those anxious/stressful/hurting thoughts and know deep-down-inside that everything's going to be okay
I used to hate it when people said that to me. I felt patronized and belittled. That my pain wasn't real and that "they" just didn't understand. But it's true. Everything is okay. It's not perfect, nor is it (Life) what I pictured it would be - but it's good. It's real. It's mine. It's better than okay.
Looking towards 2012: I'm starting yoga again in just a few weeks. I'm so excited to let my body learn to be more flexible (and my mind!). I am also dedicating a lot of my focus on creating art. First, though, comes the reintegration of life in my apartment (i.e. moving back in). Then the rest of my focus will be on wellness, and all of the aspects in which that word encompasses.
In an odd way, the wretchedly stressful sewage backup scenario my little home experienced (+ the hit it took on my health) in early November has been a blessing. It's funny how unexpected (stressful) moments can bring about positive* change.
*if you let it!
The last day of 2011 was a pretty damn crappy one in my little world, and I think that's just fine. It was a day where nothing went right and I emitted a heckuva lot of negative energy. I woke up sicker than ever, broke my windshield wiper (which caused me to become a swearing monster version of myself), spent too much money on medicine to combat my symptoms, ate Kraft Dinner by myself on New Year's Eve, and went to bed by 9pm.
During this crappy day, I was given a book called "Everyday Matters" by Danny Gregory. This little memoir was the perfect gift to be given to me at that exact moment (thank you Rebecca!). Because everyday does matter. In every little way. The ups and downs, the contents of your medicine cabinet (you have to read the book to know what I mean by that), how one misstep can cause a forever change, how important it is to really *see* what's around you, and to live the Life you live in.
The first day of 2012 will be an awesome one. To quote Star Trek's Picard, I am going to "make it so". See? It's already an awesome day ... I just quoted Picard!
I hope it will be awesome (or is, or has been, depending on where you are in the world!) for you, too.
with renewed joy,
p.s. wow, am I ever introspective! must be the nighttime sinus meds I'm on... 

"i thank you god for most this amazing day; for leaping greenly spirits of trees and a blue true dream of a sky; and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes." -e.e.cummings


  1. I hope your 2012 is as wonderful as you deserve, lovely lady!

  2. I love reading about how you love life despite everything - Zoe is right, you deserve for things to be better than ever, cheers to positivity in the new year!


  3. It was a great year but 2012? Look Out!


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