the music & vision of Gotye & Kimbra

this video caught me unawares. i randomly came across it just now, and it struck a cord - visually & lyrically & musically. wow. can i admit i never heard of Gotye before? i feel embarrassed somehow that i didn't. now i want to see him live; i bet he puts on a fabulous show!
i found this video on EST Magazine's blog {see post here}which i found via an awesome blog called Project2012 {i highly recommend you check it out if you're into brand identity, photography & style - specially minimalist black & white Scandinavian style}.

wow, this is a random post isn't it? but, if like me, you like to find out about new cool stuff, then this post is right up your alley! i took some screen captures of the video so you can see just how awesome the visuals are:

the woman in green is Kimbra, another fantastically talented person i had never before heard of.
do i live under a rock?

this video is so candylicious! it's a colourful joyful celebration of awakening. great happy visuals! here's some screen caps i took (i apologize for the black bands; widescreen format video!):

well, there you have it! a visual & audio smorgasbord for you to treat your eyes & ears with!
i find myself quite inspired by both artists, and am so happy to have found their music!
with random joy,


  1. ummm.. so this is really weird - my cousin just sent me this video to watch THIS afternoon (and I never really watch youtube.. hah!). So that is some wild timing Caren. ;o)
    Hope you're feeling better?

  2. Love the random! I really love that Gotye video, so creative!
    And sadly, not feeling better yet, but on meds now so hopefully I'll be all bouncy once again for my upcoming big birthday!
    p.s. yes, I totally want to spray paint an owl or two white! ;)


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