the one where I go on about Olivia Mew

'buttercup' by olivia mew
{above: my 'buttercup' canvas patch from feverfew}

I bought the above piece of fabric art as soon as I saw it in Olivia Mew's feverfew Etsy shop.
Two things led me to this quick decision: 1. the sweet fox, & 2. the word buttercup!
Okay, and the price was beautifully accessible! I love affordable art!
Thank you Olivia Mew.
When 'buttercup' arrived in the mail yesterday, I fell in love all over again!
Luckily, I had an embroidery hoop that was its exact size. Bonus points for it being a perfect shade of blue!
I'll clean up the edges somehow & will hang it either on my wall of nature, or in my studio space for inspiration. I may even want to use it to create a functional textile piece (a tote, a pillow, etc.).
Heck, I may even do some freehand embroidery or quilting on it to give it some dimension!
ah, inspiration, it's the most wonderful thing to be given.

a few more Mew designs:

{above: "dry your eyes" handkerchief}

{above: "fox club" 8x10 print} 

{above: "tabby" printed silk scarf} - I might have to get one of these for my kitty self!

where to find Olivia Mew on the interwebs:
feverfew (handmade Etsy)
young captive (vintage Etsy)

I hope you enjoyed this little ode to Olivia Mew!
with buttercup joy,


  1. I love the scarf! And that buttercup patch is too adorable :)

  2. Ah!!! Such cute stuff. I LOVE that scarf! <3 I also love the crescent moon on Mr. Fox's forehead!!!

  3. I was totally drooling over the works in that shop on the night you mentioned your of-the-moment purchase!

  4. her prints are perfection! I ordered a bunch of the cat patches to make a kitty quilt for Georgie G. it's one project that I'm actually looking forward to!


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