Scenes from a Birthday

The Birthday Cake 
{I ate the above birthday cake for breakfast; 3 days in a row!}
Strongpaw the cat loves gift wrap! 
{Strongpaw loves gift opening time!}
birthday lunch at Matsu Sushi 
{the birthday Instax at Matsu Sushi; a tradition! that's Karen & I in the photo!}
birthday lunch at Matsu Sushi
{Mr Kim, owner of Matsu Sushi, singing a boisterous rendition of Happy Birthday!}

{Mel's daughter Azriel loved the desserts as much as I did!}
{from top left: Chantilly & Carly + a bit of Des, cutting the cake, eating the cake, Mel's heart hoots!}
{little girls had many snuggles with Frank the cat! (I did too!)}

There are but a few scenes from my (ongoing) birthday celebrations! Y'know you're having a good year when you're birthday lasts for days! 
I had the most delightful surprise on Monday - my friend Karen picked me up to take me to Matsu Sushi for a birthday lunch date, but told me I was in for a surprise. She also told me to "look pretty". I figured I'd do my best on the pretty part, and then I kept looking over my shoulder for any surprises waiting to jump out at me. Dinner went by with much laughter and good food (cannot go wrong with Matsu Sushi!), but the surprise was still awaiting me. On the way to this surprise, Karen blindfolded me.
She needn't have, as I still had no idea where we were when she took it off of me! We turned up at an unknown house with a pretty blue door. I don't even remember if I opened it or not; all I remember is being in complete shock when I entered the house!
There were so many familiar faces beaming towards me, some saying surprise, some saying happy birthday. I was flabbergasted! I am not sure how long it sunk in that this was a surprise birthday party for me! There was Michele, Astrid, Carly, Chantilly, Elycia, Leigh, Desiree, Mel - and Karen! So many dear souls all in that one house (which turned out to be Chantilly's house!). It was a veritable blogger heaven! I'm still a little overwhelmed by it all. Things like this don't happen to me (parties, surprises, etc.) so I was truly touched by the whole shebang.
Thank you, all you lovely ladies, for making this girl's year! I wish I had taken Polaroids of all of your sweet selves to remember the day by! xox
Tomorrow is yet another day of birthday fun; I go to Astrid's house for cream puffs! This year is starting off to be the sweetest one yet :)
with grateful joy,
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  1. Oh I am so thrilled that those lovely ladies gave you such a wonderful surprise! You totally deserve it!

  2. aww, glad you enjoyed! May you continue to have your cake - and eat it too - this year! Got your Paris tickets now too? Exciting times ahead! xo
    needle and nest

  3. It was such a lovely (and loud) afternoon. It was my pleasure to host such a happy event.

  4. ongoing birthdays are the best kind - and cake is the gift that keeps on giving :)

  5. hurray!! such a fun day filled with sweets :) i'm glad you were surprised and that i didn't ruin it, lol.

  6. I love Matsu so much!!! Ahhh I miss it :). I'm coming to town for a few days next week... I'm thinking I might just have to go now!! (Great, now I'm going to be craving it all week! haha)

    Birthday cake for breakfast sounds so lovely. Luckily for me, my birthday is next week so I will be doing the same!

    I'm so glad you had such a wonderful birthday Caren! You are such a special person & I'm so happy your day was just as special! Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy belated birthday Caren! I hope you have a great year!


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