some handmade Etsy love : Bark Decor & GoodKnits

I ♥ my Good Knits Nell hat!

It's not the holiday season until you start buying equal amounts for yourself as well as for your loved ones.
er, maybe that's just me? I didn't mean to buy myself so much pre-Christmas self-gifts, but with all the deals and shopping buzz, I just couldn't deny clicking that Add to Cart button on Etsy! I also figure I'm doing a good deed buying extra for myself, as it's keeping a handmade shop in business. See how I just did that? I just justified some serious self-gifting!

Above shows a very happy me in my GoodKnits hat & my Bark Decor circle scarf.
I am seriously that happy when I wear these things. I am so thrilled with the goodies I got from these two artisans! I've been wanting a Nell hat (the knit hat upon my head) for a while, and my mom even tried to knit one for me (how sweet is that?!) but just after Christmas I finally ordered one to gift myself.

the Good Knits goodies

The lovely Lisa of GoodKnits sent me little extras for being her 75th customer:
2 cute lomography postcards, a button brooch & a pretty fabric-covered moleskine!
Everything was so prettily put together, that it felt like it was all a gift.
It's why buying directly from an artisan is such a delight; the extra effort that they put into their creations make it so special! I started using my pretty moleskine on the first day of January; it's my thought-keeper for 2012!
I wear my Nell hat quite often; it's so luxurious in its wool & bamboo yarn goodness! The perfect shade of blue, too. I adore Lisa's doily blankets (think of an extra large doily that you cozy up under!) & might just have to get one for my couch.

Bark Decor necklace & scarf

I won a gift certificate to use at Bark Decor over at the delightful i heart this blog and immediately dived into the shop to sort out what I would buy. The thing is, I love everything at Bark Decor. EVERYTHING. So, how could I possibly just pick one thing? Right. So, I picked three things!

Let me tell you, it was not easy to choose. I also wanted a pillow & a ghost banjo owl tank top. I'll probably be back for more later. I am so smitten with the goodies I did get, that it won't be hard to be a returning customer! 

Bark Decor - catalope & cat's tail
{the Catalope ate my cat! teehee!}

Just to recap who these delightful artisans are, here's their links:

GoodKnits : blog : etsy : twitter

Bark Decor : website : etsy : facebook

Have you gotten yourself some handmade (Etsy or otherwise) love lately? If so, do share! 
I did a lot of local handmade shopping for the holidays, which felt fabulous, as well as some choice Etsy purchases (not all for me - I did buy for others, too!). I'll have more happy handmade goodies to share in future posts, including a wonderful gift that was given to me at Christmas.
with joy,


  1. Oh that hat is so cute! And I love bamboo yarn, it's so lovely and soft.

  2. The hat looks perfect on your head! I'm so glad you like it. :)

  3. Just look at your big gorgeous eyes! Too cute, plus you have awesome taste in handmade goodies. Plus you make me laugh AND help me feel good about self-gifting all at once. These are all good things on a chilly Sunday morning.

    In other news, I just bought myself a ton of zines from Etsy - I love 'em because you get a bunch of great drawings, photos and/or funny stuff for a tiny price!


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