Sunday Smile: cookies, cat & dog

cookies & mugs 

My mom baked up a frenzy yesterday, filling her home with the yummiest of smells & tastes!
Oatmeal cookies & molasses sugar snaps. Oh, and chocolate cheesecake brownies!
Since I'm living temporarily in my mom's home whilst my apartment is getting fixed,
I got to be immersed in all the baking goodness! I felt like a kid again :)

the cat & dog competing for sun 
{above: Strongpaw the cat & Gracie the pup seeking the sun ... together! cutes!}
the little painting helper!
{above: the little helper!}

I've been doing a lot of work in my apartment before the big move back in.
The main improvement I'm doing is painting the walls whilst everything is in disarray.
I already painted my beige bathroom a gleaming white, which took DAYS to complete.
Today I tackled an easier job, repainting one big wall the original robin egg's blue colour.
I was only going to do some minor patch work on the big blue wall,
but it turned out I only had a quart of satin finish blue paint in the house
(which I used for shelving, as having a glossy finish makes them more durable)
so I decided to do the entire wall in a shiny finish - and I LOVE it!
It was a quick fix, and really refreshed the space.
Once my place is finished, I'll be sure to share many a photo!
(are you excited? I am!)

There's always something to smile about, and I have to say cookies, kitties & puppies are among the top of the list! A freshly painted wall is lovely, too, but not quite so smile-worthy as it turns out I'm quite allergic to paint.
with joy!

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