what I found at Chapters-Indigo today : owls & Scandinavian-esque style!

I did not anticipate such a plethora of cool stuff when I went to Chapters-Indigo earlier today.
I had to restrain myself from buying 3 of everything.
To help you visual what I saw, I put together little vignettes: 

{above : bird mobile : owl bank}

{above : owl frame : egg cozies : apron}

Most everything that I fell in love with had a distinct Scandinavian aesthetic, which I applauded Chapters-Indigo for duplicating. It seems someone there knows what's going on in the pulse of home style right now; I was impressed. I was drawn towards white & wood. A little gray, and then there's those cute egg cozies! The owl frame is for a baby's room, but hello! I'd use that in my office! Same goes for the owl bank, bunny frame & the bird mobile. Why limit design to a particular room/age?

I want to redecorate my entire apartment to be natural soothing white with bits of wood accent & joyful colour (blue & yellow with bits of orange, please).
But that will be my next incarnation. For now, I have a very loud patterned 1960s couch, a rather large teal chair, a yellow formica diner table, amongst other colourful bits & bobs. I am starting to head towards a distinctly Scandinavian look, though, so perhaps a few years from now I will achieve that "minimalism" look (I use quotes because I will *never* be a true minimalist).

I hope you enjoyed your shopping excursion at Tea & Chickadees! I apologize if I've made you want to spend money.
with abundant joy,
p.s. all I came home with from Chapters-Indigo was a little linen pouch with an owl on it & a bunch of Paris-related books.


  1. omigosh.. I know, right?! Every time I go into Chapters I feel 'violated'.. like some designer has got into my head and then created every whim and fancy I would want to buy.. then I just feel like a 'sucka' that got duped by advertising since I seem to love what's popular (and here I am trying to be all unique and stuff)..sheesh. So yes, I feel your pain & pleasure at how delightful these treasures are! Nice set up! xo

  2. I hope Chapters-Indigo is giving you a cut for how much this post will induce people to spend copious amounts of money at their stores -- look at all those OWL ITEMS!! Amazing. Also: love your writing style (I think I said so before, but it's true); great word "plethora".

  3. I found a look of nifty things on Chapters Indigo too.

  4. Someone gave me those lovely Owl Bookends for Christmas. They are beautiful and are doing a bang-up job of holding up some of my books. It's also a great time to go to Chapters, so many great winter things on sale.


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